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Yoga Basics



This class explores a mindful approach to asana (movement) practice. The Sun Salutation series is examined in great detail. Yogic philosophy, beginning pranayama and basic meditation are included. Recommended for beginners, all levels welcome.

Ready to explore the next level of practice safely and intelligently? Sequences vary according to the general level of the class and may include the tips and tricks for beginning and intermediate standing poses, inversions, arm balances, backbends, hip openers, twists, binds and forward folds. Gain confidence in your natural capabilities and learn to feel better in your own body. Expect modification options, clear instructions, postural demonstrations and the use of props. Perfect for beginners and ongoing students who want to remember, return and deepen into what’s essential.

Vigorous flow in rhythm with breath. Athletic by nature, vinyasa classes ignite inner fire, improve cardiovascular fitness, make the spine more supple, develop total-body coordination and focus the mind. Dance through dynamic, creative sequences. While alignment cues may be minimal, the movement patterns in this class are repeated often, allowing practitioners to deepen their poses and experience. Typically a wide variety of poses are linked together by various forms of sun salutations. These expressions honor and awaken the energy (prana) that pulses through our bodies. When this energy is conjured out of the most confined places within we can experience profound release, healing, insights or bliss. Come breathe, get out of your head and move your body! This practice can be challenging, and all levels are welcome.

Slow Flow



Slow Flow classes are somewhat gentle, though they can feel powerful if a posture is held for a long time. Students can expect a warm up, review of yoga fundamentals, and cool down during this practice. The slower pace offers more time to deepen understanding, to breathe and to align within the flow. All levels welcome.

Classes begin with yogic warm ups, and build into acrobatic strength and core conditioning techniques. Students are introduced to active inversions, partner yoga, partner acrobatics and Thai massage in a safe and respectful environment. These exercises increase trust-building, friendship, and good communication skills. Detailed alignment instructions and some injury modifications are offered as part of this challenging physical practice. Skill recommendations for this class include 6 months of regular yoga, and a willingness to explore handstand.

Yin is the perfect compliment to “yang” workouts like climbing and strength training. In this class you can expect to hold floor postures for longer periods of time to stimulate and release deep connective tissues and joints. This practice helps to open not just the physical body but also the meridians of the energy body, allowing vital life force to flow. Quietly intense, yogis are challenged to cultivate the mindful presence of a meditation practice. Props are often used for greater decompression. All levels welcome.

Private Yoga Sessions

Movement Labs

Private lessons might be right for you if you are healing an injury or condition, seek one-on-one support, would like to tailor a personal practice or receive detailed, expert feedback about your practice. Movement can also facilitate private groups. Please inquire about hourly rates and instructor availability.

Hourly Cost: Depending on Instructor.
Each Lab is a subject of choice of one of Movement’s instructors. Movement Labs are opportunities for Movement members and guests to learn, experiment and progress through a variety of topics chosen by our instructors.