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Yoga Basics

Alignment 1-2

Alignment 2

This class explores a mindful approach to asana practice. The Sun Salutation series is examined in great detail. Yogic philosophy, beginning pranayama and basic meditation are included. Recommended for beginners, yet all levels are welcome.

This class explores the alignment aspect of basic yoga postures. Appropriate modifications are given, and anatomy terms are used to increase understanding of the poses. This class is ideal for beginners, and is open to anyone who enjoys a slow and detailed approach.

This class is a continuation of Alignment 1-2 and is an excellent complement to Vinyasa 1-2. Sequences vary according to the general level of the class and may include variations of the more advanced postures.

Alignment All Levels

Vinyasa 1-2

Vinyasa 2

This class is a continuation of Alignment 1 and is an excellent compliment to Vinyasa 1-2. Sequences vary according to the general level of the class, and may include variations of the more advanced postures.

An energized approach to breath oriented asana practice. The result is a graceful, dance-like sequence that promotes strength and flexibility. Sequences vary according to the general ability level of the class. All Vinyasa classes end with a complete savasana. A basic yoga foundation is recommended (recommended 6 months of regular practice).

This class focuses on the more challenging aspects of Vinyasa 1-2. Variations of the more advanced postures are included, such as inversions and full backbends. Stamina is increased through the alchemical heat of the practice, often through numerous Sun Salutations. A well established yoga practice is recommended.

Vinyasa All Levels
Slow Flow

Acro Yoga 1-2

Gentle Yoga

Slow Flow classes are somewhat gentle, though they can feel powerful if a posture is held for a long time. Warming up, review of yoga fundamentals, and cooling down are standard. The slower pace offers more time to deepen understanding, to breathe, and to align within the flow. Slow flow classes are beneficial for all levels of yoga practitioners.

Classes begin with Yogic warm ups, and build into acrobatic strength and core conditioning techniques. Students are introduced to active inversions, partner yoga, partner acrobatics and Thai massage in a safe and respectful environment. These exercises increase trust building, friendship, and good communication skills. Detailed alignment instructions and some injury modifications are offered as part of this challenging physical practice. Skill recommendations for this class include 6 months of regular yoga, and a willingness to explore handstand.

Unwind with a quiet and compassionate practice. Slow and restorative postures nourish mind, body and spirit. And extended savasana provides an opportunity to fully decompress and renew. This class is a wonderful compliment to any rigorous training program. No previous experience is required.

Yin Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions


Yin Yoga increases flexibility and improves full-body performance. This class will be gentle, but at times feel intense as postures are held, with the support of props, for up to 5 minutes at a time. Overtime, Yin yoga practitioners attain peaceful states of mind and radiant health.

Cost: Depending on Instructor
This class is designed for people who want additional assistance with their practice at a time that is convenient for their schedule. Receive personalized assistance for beginning yoga, fine tune your practice, and/or explore some new ways to progress.

Movement Lab
Last Saturday of every month 12:00 – 1:30 pm
Each Lab is a subject of choice of one of Movement’s instructors. Movement Labs are opportunities for Movement Members and Guests to Learn, Experiment and Progress through a variety of topics chosen by our instructors.